14 October 2013

I hate planks.  How can something so simple be so difficult?

borrowed from pinterest

However I had an excellent run this morning once I forced myself out the door into the cold drizzle--hey even the locals here are complaining so I am not going to feel overly wimpy for complaining.  Left Ben and Elsie at home because I wanted as uninterrupted a run as possible, with the canal paths you will always have some slowdowns because they are so heavily used but the scenery is worth it.  The rain kept most of the dog walkers home so no "good morning love" salutations this morning (I look forward to those!).  Our next door neighbor came by with his dog Sammy just as I finished up and I'm sure he thinks I'm insane because I was rocking those post great run endorphins and might have been a little hyper during our chat, lol.

Actually the elephant pic above looks like a cheeky shot that someone took of me yesterday while I was attempting to tame the front garden somewhat!

No clue as of yet when our container of shipped items will arrive from the states but I am needing it here already because most of my cold weather gear is packed up in it.  I fully expected to be here in August so nearly everything that was unneeded at the time was boxed up.  Mid-summer in Arkansas means you are not thinking about heavier clothing for October in England.  It will be nice having all the smaller furniture items as well so that we can make the living room more, well for lack of a better word, livable.  We are starting to make progress on it though, finally got the drum kit downsized and some of the clutter put away (I'm not posting the pic of the stack of gear against one of the walls). 

I think I need an Americana pillow to go with the Union Jack!

The fireplace is a bit dire--AKA ugly. The landlord went for cheap rather than aesthetically pleasing, he also opted for the electric instead of gas thus using up one of the few outlets available.  Anyone have suggestions on how to disguise, minimize, change the looks of it before I get lost on pinterest for the day? 

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