18 October 2013

Thursday was one of those gorgeous sun-filled days that suffuses everything and everyone all bright, shiny, and glowy......at least until around 3 in the afternoon when the skies opened up and I had to make a dash to grab the washing off the line before all the drying was undone.

I'm slowly getting the nearby paths and shortcuts mapped out in my head.  After taking a "shortcut" to the main canal earlier in the week I thought that I had a loop mapped out instead of an out and back so that's what Elsie the Miniature Schnauzer Menace and I set out to explore yesterday morning.  There are a handful of road crossings--one particularly busy with no pedestrian light to stop the traffic and one section that I would definitely prefer never to run through at night but it is a very viable (and scenic) route.  We ended up with 6.7 miles and for some odd reason Elsie wasn't begging as hard to go run this morning, lol.

One thing I have noticed is that when I take Elsie and/or Ben out with me on my runs people tend to be a lot more friendly and open.  It's not that there is any rudeness when I run solo but I do tend to get more subdued good morning greetings and just a wee bit of wariness whereas when the dogs are with me nearly all the famed British reserve almost disappears. 

Today I had to force myself out the door to run and then had to cut it short because I ate entirely too late last night but at least I managed to get a handful of miles in.  It's definitely time to start thinking about meeting up with some of the local running clubs so that I can find someone to run with. 

If I only knew how many miles! 

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