10 October 2013

I see some amazing things outside the windows of our home, there's a very fat bunny rabbit that calls the back garden his home, a pair of doves spend a lot of time cooing from a nearby tree, the horses amble around trying to ignore all the people and dogs who tramp through their pastures.  Today when I glimpsed out while getting ready for an afternoon run, I spied a hawk making short order of his/her lunch.

Not quite zoomed in enough

Unfortunately I think this is what was left of one of the doves I mentioned earlier

One of the magpies moving in to find what it can scavenge

On a happier note, I had a fantastic run.  Elsie and I went out a little bit further on the canal path closest to us than what we did last week.  She's turning back into the lean, mini Schnauzer running machine that she was 3 years ago and is doing much better behavior wise when it comes to not lunging towards people or other dogs.  Ended up with nearly 6 blissful miles with her and then I came back for Ben so he could get a short run in--I can't take him out near as far or as fast as what I do with Elsie because he suffers from arthritis in a back hip and he limps for a day or so if we overdo it.  

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