19 October 2013

Friday night rant

I am currently shopping for a coat because all my winter clothing (and everything else) is sitting dockside at some port in the states and will not ship out until next week sometime.  The shipping company allegedly "lost" the payment that was wired to them in September and did not bother notifying us despite the numerous email asking when the container was due to arrive here in the UK.  While I don't want to spend the £££s on anything I do need something to keep me warm since we're edging closer to November--I was expecting to be here in August at the latest so I only kept out a couple of lightweight jackets and packed everything else.

Suggestions on coats would be greatly appreciated, I need something that will be layer-able, cover my butt, keep me dry and will be durable enough to withstand brambles and stinging nettles.  Oh, and something that doesn't make me look like the Bride of the Abominable Snowman would definitely be preferred.

A little taste of "home" 

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