03 November 2013

Life lesson

So my cute new to me Mini? She got nicked almost 2 weeks ago.  Yep, stolen from right out in front of our house in what is a very common crime in the UK.  Fortunately we knew within moments of it happening so were able to notify the police immediately--the officers were absolutely brilliant (although I did get the inevitable questions about gun-ownership in the states, lol) and my car was located within 1.5 hours of it being stolen.  Even better, there was zero damage to the car, the only thing missing was the set of keys that had been taken out of the back door of the house.  The missing keys necessitated a series of lock changing and beefing up security which we had gotten a little complacent with--in this case I had taken the dogs out and then forgotten to lock the gate and back door behind me after coming back in, something that is not happening again after this "little reminder".  


I am so impressed with the Mini dealer we used to get the keys, locksets, and car re-programmed.  They asked us to drive the car there so that it could be kept in a secure place while insurance was sorted out (which we ended up not using because of their idiocy when dealing with the claim), it came in under what they quoted and much sooner than initially stated plus they detailed the car inside and out meticulously (yay, on not having to remove the fingerprint dust!).  One word of advice, price the different dealers before committing to a place even if they are authorized because another Mini dealer that was slightly closer wanted to charge what ended up being the total cost of where we used on the labor alone! 

There will be a modification added to the Mini at some point, it will certainly make it stand out a bit more ;-). What do you think, won't my baby look cool with this applied to the roof?  

*Guitars not included


TWBrit said...

What do you mean "guitars not included"? lol

gabsatrucker said...

Ha! the guitars hanging off the edge of the Mini's roof might makes some interesting hedge cuttings on the narrow lanes.