22 November 2013

#SaveTheDay fever and other stuff

If you are not getting caught up in the Doctor Who DW50 then I'm not sure we can really be friends! One more day!


Now back to my usual prattling.  Unpacking is proceeding and we are slowly working out options for storing all my boots, shoes, clothing, workout gear etc etc.  Bottom line is that I have too much stuff for the room available and we have what is considered a large house for middle class England (yes, an Americanism but not sure what the UK equivalent is for that term).  Like most older builds there are no built in closets so we are having to rely on wardrobes, bookcases, chests for clothing storage and that of course takes up floor space. There will certainly not be any more clothing purchases for a good while so I better keep my weight in check or better yet, a Tardis for a wardrobe ;-)

*this obviously is not all my boots nor does it include my running shoes

The group run went well last night, much better than expected actually considering that I hadn't eaten much the past two days and was flat out tired and stressed from the aforementioned unpacking.  I certainly needed the run to clear my head and it was more laid back than the previous week which was a good thing since I ended up wearing my calf compression sleeves for two days after.  Quite interesting finding out how many people here have family living in the states as well, there were three members I spoke to who had kids across the pond.

Ben the rescue mutt has had just over a month off of mostly no running and his arthritic hip shows no difference from when he used to go out with me for 3-4 miles.  The only changes are that he is getting fat and way too hyper so I'm going to ease him back into some 3 milers because the weight gain will cause more harm than the inactivity.  He loves to run and always looks so crestfallen every time Elsie and I head out the door without him.

I was considering a local 10k on Saturday but it went and sold out between the time I started looking at the entry page on Wednesday and the final decision to go for it on Thursday morning.  Note to self, don't wait to sign up next time! 

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