23 November 2013

A permanent state of lost and I like it

OS maps and I just don't get along........my partner ordered a personalized one for me last month and despite all my studying of them and taking a copy of what my route is supposed to be I still manage to miss turns and get lost. Not lost-lost where I am doing circles but lost as in I end up having to improvise a fair bit. Each field looks pretty much like the next to me and it's rare that you come across a sign with an actual street name on it where I'm running.

Today I did my usual, look at the map, look at Google Earth, look at the map again and hope for the best.  I knew that I missed where I should have turned off but there were absolutely no bridle trail or public walkway signs pointing in the general direction of where I wanted to go so I did the next best thing and followed some other blue and green tiny arrow signs indicating pathways.  These things hide on poles, posts, the occasional gate and it is quite a scavenger hunt finding them sometimes. It can be even more of an adventure deciphering which direction they are pointing!

Example of an "arrow"

Crossed over the M1 once, followed a very narrow, picturesque lane then crossed back over the M1 where Elsie and I met a large group of walkers with their dogs.  Many sniffs hello later (the dogs, not me and the other people) and we meandered down a path that ran alongside a very posh looking stable where people were out working with the horses.  So far so good.  Then we hit another area where it wasn't marked and with an open gate that had a "Farm Access Only" sign.  Out with the phone to check the map and yes, for once I was headed in the correct direction but since I'm from the states, places that have signage along the lines of private, access only, etc mean you aren't allowed there.........those same "rules" don't apply here if you are on foot (the majority of the time, there are exceptions of course).  Fortunately there was a couple out walking their dogs whom I could ask if it was ok to use that lane and would it lead to where I thought it did. Whew.  

It's quite safe to say that Elsie the Miniature Schnauzer Menace and I are having some adventures, most of them muddy but we are enjoying ourselves immensely even if she doesn't like the cleaning up part afterwards.  


Indy said...

Ummmmmmmm how the hell do you get lost over there? It is only twice the size of a postage stamp and it ain't FLAT as .... West Tx ... or Hay Plains, out here! LOL

My word! How do you go navigating your way through tennis courts if ya struggle finding ..... never mind!

Mind you, it is kinda cold, wet and miserable most always, they tell me! LOL

(You KNOW I am winding you up, don'tcha, Gabby)! :-)

gabsatrucker said...

I was asked that very thing when I got back from today's run! Lol, I'm not sure how I manage it even with the phone and carrying a map occasionally but I do.

Indy said...

Lord, girl! You best be avoiding coming Downunder (NO pun at all here) coz you will be up a certain creek without a paddle or anything! LOL