03 November 2013



I want one of these Detroit Bikes, you can never go wrong with flat black.  Wonder if they will ever be carried in the UK, will probably be best to buy one on the next trip to the states.

Simply gorgeous

I got caught out on the vitamin pronunciation at Tesco (as if I already wasn't with my accent!) during a conversation with the checkout girl about coconut-pineapple juice--the American versus British pronunciation had her laughing. Then I turned around and pronounced tomato "to-mah-toe" at a different shop without thinking.  Weird, I feel somewhat pretentious if I say things the UK way.  

This week's running ended up having an unplanned pattern: 4, 6, rest, 10, 4, 6, 10.  

Considering starting a running log for Elsie the Miniature Schnauzer Menace, she's ran with me on nearly all my workouts since we moved here.  This week she has done close to 28 miles.

The fashion magazines here on the newstands almost always have free things!!! These are not one time use samples either but actual sizes that are useful, I'm undecided if this is a good thing for a product junkie like me, lol.  

My favorite pub meal is gammon steak with pineapple and egg. Something about that combination just works and is becoming my new comfort meal.  I'm also not sure why everyone thinks British food is bland and horrible, it's rare that I've had a horrible meal here and of course there are the real ales.  Last week I had a Gangly Ghoul ale that was amazing, too bad I could only drink a half pint of it.

The pink hair from the summer is gone--well except for one bit I missed next to my right ear. Loved the color but not the upkeep and I was ready for a change again.  There was also the little thing about seeing every other woman my age with the funky colors as well that made me want to go back to brunette.  

Still hard to believe that I get to run in places like this without having to drive somewhere. There are downsides--the rain, cold, and gloom but this kind of view makes up for much of that.  It's rare that I don't come back from a run grinning like crazy and covered in mud.

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