06 November 2013

laid back

Runs do not get much more laid back than today's ramble around the canal trails, blissful stuff despite (or maybe because of?) the light misting of rain.  Elsie wasn't too happy about being leashed up and made to go after all the fireworks from the surrounding area bonfire night celebrations (remember, remember the fifth of November) but once we got moving, she settled in quite well.

I decided to take a slight detour from the normal path today that took me underneath a landmark viaduct and over a very rickety footbridge spanning the rail-lines.  There was a sign before entering that cautioned it was unstable and that no more than 10 people at a time should be on it--honestly I didn't feel that safe crossing it with just Elsie's and my weight!

Oh, I almost forgot but there was almost a running wardrobe malfunction last week, put on a pair of my 3 year old Nike running capris and fortunately took a look in the mirror before heading out the door.......they have become completely see-through once on, ooooops!  They are now a wear as a bottom layer under shorts or a skirt item of clothing. I'm just glad I decided to take that glance in the mirror before subjecting the public to that much of my arse.

This is pretty much the permanent state of my Brooks :-)
Run Happy y'all

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