06 November 2013

Culture Shock

Not really a culture shock because at least we sort of speak the same language but sometimes the little things that are different here will throw me a bit.

Like not being able to get liquid flavored coffee creamer........yep, no more Italian Sweet Cream.

Yes I know it is bad for me but it is so darn delicious. A search has turned up a few homemade recipes so I may give that a go because not having my favorite creamer or my beloved Keurig has caused me to switch from coffee to tea in the mornings and while it is lovely, it is just not the same.

The thing that got me today was the unavailability of this handy little tool in the UK:

from Amazon

aka a grass whip, weed sling, weed cutter, or from when I was growing up--weed whacker--which has a totally different meaning now as I found out when I did a search trying to find one to buy online in the UK. Looks like I am going to have to settle for a scythe of some sort to tackle the jungle that is the back half of our garden and hope my klutziness stays at bay.  It's a shame the US style weed sling isn't available here, they can be quite therapeutic to use once you get into the swing of it.  An anger management tool combined with something useful, what more can you ask for?   

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Indy said...

Oi! I haven't been on Blogger for wayyyyy too long! What the hell are you doing in The Old Dart?

I look forward to catching up on your activities - sooner or later!

gabsatrucker said...

Good to see you back Indy! Hopefully I can become more consistent in my posting