04 October 2008

Another week in the bag

Yet another week of getting out of Pulaski late, blech. Because of the hours of service rules for truck drivers this has put me going through Austin, TX during the evening rush hour for the 3rd (4th?) week in a row on Tuesdays. It's getting old fast. Why isn't there a bypass around that city (other than the toll road)? Yes, I know there are much worse cities to drive in/through but I don't have to deal with them right now so just let me gripe, LOL.

I also had to sit in 3 construction backups on Hwy 19 Tuesday. The first 2 were just south of Sulphur Springs and the other was just north of Athens. I think it would have been quicker to have dealt with Dallas. Oh well, better scenery on 19. What was funny was watching the people in cars getting pissed off at sitting there. One guy got out of his car and was throwing his hands up in the air waving and yelling at the flagger. Not sure how he thought that was going to make the back-up go away.

The truck I drive has a very quiet air horn that you access from the steering wheel. It's only slightly louder than a regular car horn. Kids always look so disappointed when they're moving their arms up and down wanting to hear the air-horn and they get that wimpy noise. They also think I'm a meanie 'cause I'm not reaching up to pull on the cable. I always want to stop and say I'm sorry, it's really not my fault when they look at me so crestfallen. Truck manufacturers you're losing potential truck-drivers with this nonsense!! No more air-horns on the wheel!!! Don't y'all remember being a kid?

Workout recap

Sunday--did a 2.38 mile run/walk with James, then ran 2.41 miles alone.

Monday--Ran 6.61 miles on Crescent View road in Pulaski--did have to take three 45 second walk breaks (one at 24 minutes, 2nd at 36 minutes, 3rd at 54 minutes), legs were still a little fatigued from the BDB 100.

Wednesday--Ran 4.65 miles at Pearsall

Thursday--Skipped my usual bicycle ride with Gary R. and drove to Cabot to do hill repeats with Annette, Vicki, and Karen. Ended up with 6.71 miles. Had soooo much fun, going to have to do that more often.

Friday--2.63 mile run/walk with James

Saturday--Decided to not do any races or meet Gary for extra cycling mileage. Wanted to just ride with the LBS fun ride and do just that--have FUN. Rode slow most of the time but cranked it up to 22 mph once in order to catch up with a different group to talk to. Did do some one-legged drills, my dead spot on the left leg is almost gone, YAY! Will get back to the serious training next week ;-)

It felt good not having to get up at 4 a.m. this morning, I've just been taking this weekend as easy as possible. I do need to get in at least 8 miles tomorrow but hoping I can find somebody to run with.


Terry said...

Where do I start??

1. Why don't you have an email button? grrrrrr

2. Next time you are sitting in Austin traffic, just think of me in NYC gridlock... That should make you feel better :)

3. Whenever a kid gives me the universal "Blow Your Horn" gesture....I reach up to where the real air horn cord should hang and pretend to pull on something while I toot my little horn on the steering wheel with my thumb. I can't make my horn any louder, but at least they think I am giving her a good tug... Try it...makes me feel better and they do smile bigger when you do that!! Also I blow it when they are right beside my door, so they are as close to the pitiful little horn and possibly might even hear it. :)

gabsatrucker said...

1. Fixed the email ;-)

2. Nope, I want to wallow in my misery, thankyouverymuch!! ha-ha

3. Have done that on the Volvo but the International I drive now has the button to far in for my thumb to reach, blech. You're right, they do grin bigger.

Terry said...

Your right, it does feel good to wallow every once in a while :)

Susan said...

You're a rockstar!

CewTwo said...

Wow. Getting the mileage in. Good thing. I've often thought about doing duathlons, but I'm not sure yet. I'm very prone to swimmer's ear, so I'm not fond of the water.

I cross train with a mountain bike. I put hybrid tires on it for the street.

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I do love to listen to the 2G1B podcast. Those 2 are a gas at times!