04 October 2008

Sticker shock

Okay, my riding partner was right. I'm in the market for a new bicycle, or at least window-shopping for the moment. I'm trying to decide between a tri-bike or another road bike. No, there are not any triathlons in the near future for me, would have to take swimming lessons before that could happen but I would absolutely love to do more duathlons (run-bike-run). I have learned from my {obsessive} research that a tri-bike would knock approx. 5 minutes off the run time for somebody at my current skill level. Hmmm, very, very tempting. BUT do I want to be in that position for all of my rides. Probably not. So will (maybe) go with a higher-end road bike. Yeah, something like that, at least until I change my mind again 5 minutes from now.

I'm wanting to support my local bicycle shop so am restricting the search to brands they carry. Specifically the Specialized brand. Even more specific the Specialized Ruby. Yep, the SL SRAM and SL Dura-Ace are definitely out of my budget. The first words out of James' mouth was "That's a sportster!" (Harley-Davidson). The next were along the lines of if that's what you want we'll go for it (sweet hubby!). I can't bring myself to commit to $6000 for a bicycle though so will probably go for the Ruby Comp or Expert. Even that's giving me the nervous willies on spending so much. Nothing's decided yet, probably won't be until after Christmas. The great thing is that my L.B.S. will help out with the price, they have a layaway, and will allow me to use it anytime I want while it's on layaway. Awesome, awesome people. I am fortunate enough to count the owners as good friends.


Arland said...

I too am eyeing some of the Specialized Bikes. Mine is not that bad I guess and it does have an ultegra/105 mix, but I would still like to upgrade. I just don't know about a tri specific bike, on a century I just don't see how they could be comfortable but Gary D claims his was more comfortable. I know there is an increase in speed because of the aerodynamics. Have fun shopping....thats the best part sometimes. I need to check out your LBS there in Searcy sometime.

gabsatrucker said...

Arland, if you do be sure and tell them that you're friends with me. Besides being friends with the owner, we play disc golf with the mechanic and the sales guy every weekend. Sometimes I think we spend as much time at the shop as we do our house :-)