11 October 2008

Lights on = dead battery

Thursday afternoon I did something pretty bone-headed. It was a nice afternoon and I decided to ride my motorcycle to the bicycle shop. Went in, researched some more bicycles and just generally hung out and yakked for 1.5 hours and had left the lights on my harley the whole time. Since I hadn't ridden it long enough for the battery to recharge itself of course it was completely dead. Tried a couple of times to do the push start thing where you put it in 3rd gear, have somebody push you, and then pop the clutch to get it going. It scares the heck out of me doing that because the bike always jerks real hard when it catches so that wasn't successful. Pushed it into the shop and Duane put a trickle charger on it while Becky gave me a ride home. I was soooo embarrassed! Friday morning I went out for my run about an hour before they opened and met James there afterwards so he could do the push-start thing if need be. It fired right off though after being on the charger all night. The good news is that I may have decided on a bicycle-Jamis Xenith Comp Femme--at least if they ever get any to send out. Jamis is saying mid-November before they get the '09s in and they're sold out on the '08s. The Xeniths are cheaper than the lower end Specialized Rubys and are better spec'ed to boot.

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Susan said...

Yeesh - whatta day!

Yay new bike!