11 October 2008

Why I'm stressed

Forgot to mention in my jillion other posts today about why I've been stressed this week. Found out Wednesday that my biological father's dad died that afternoon and that he (my father) will be moving to Arkansas by the end of the month. Thankfully, he will be living close to my sister approximately a hundred miles away from me. We also had an appointment to take Elsie in to be fixed on Friday so we're dealing with a sick and upset dog right now. I'd been worrying about that all week so that contributed to my not sleeping well. It's very depressing having a miniature schnauzer stare at you with this look of "what have you done to me?". She was so excited to get to the vet's office yesterday (the girls pet and love on her) and when we went back to pick her up she wouldn't even look at James or me.

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Susan said...

Goodness - if it's not 1 thing it's 10.