26 October 2008

Fall Fest 5k

Ummm, I kicked some butt today!!!!! Finally got over the 25 minute hump for the 5k distance--at least for today, LOL! 24:17 (last year's time for this course was 26:11). This isn't a p.r., my 23:56 from last February's Penguin 5k at Batesville still holds, but I was starting to think that I wasn't going to get under 25 minutes ever again. I am so stoked right now-even over 12 hours later, still got the runner's high. 1st in my age group (1/21), 9th female (9/95), and 35th overall (35/152). Several of the Cabot Cruisers were here today too (Vicki, Joan, Lisa Ford)
Very chilly morning, I so didn't want to give up my jacket but knew from past experience that I would warm up very quickly. Started near the front, kept a steady pace (7:57 mile 1, 15:5? mile 2), skipped the water stop, started to lag a little after mile 2 but caught myself doing it and forced myself to speed back up slightly, and started my kick at about 2.7 miles. Got cheered on by James, my sis and niece, and biological father so that helped me kick it a little bit more (didn't have a lot left though).
James told me afterwards that Shelley (my sister) asked him if I had any Olympic aspirations. There is no way in Hades that that could ever happen but it is the sweetest thing that she even thought it would ever be possible. I don't usually discuss our background very much but I want the world to know how proud I am of her as a parent and grown-up. We came from a very screwed up childhood and most people thought we weren't going to amount to much and I'm very happy that we have proved them wrong. Although Sis and I have kind of reversed roles, she was the wild child growing up and I was the honor roll student. Now she's a Sunday school teacher, and I'm a tattooed truck-driving biker chick (does it still count if my bicycle has seen more miles than my Harley this year?), LOL!!!!!
Oh, I have to tell a cute story. Our original plan was to drive to Russellville on Friday to spend time with Andy and Abigail (nephew and neice) but we found out before we left that Andy had come down with pinkeye. Since we're not in a position to take sick days and our job requires to be staring into the sun most of the day, James and I decided to put off the overnight visit. Andy was so upset he asked his mom if she had any white nail polish, when she told him he didn't need to paint his nails he told her it was for his eye so it wouldn't be pink anymore. He was so upset that he wasn't going to get to see his aunt and uncle, awwww. We're going to try again week after next for the overnight visit.