27 October 2008

I like my attitude just fine, thankyouverymuch

Why can some people not take no for an answer? Had a driver pull up next to me and blow his horn to get my attention today while I was sitting waiting on the ok to dock (he drives for the same company I do) at Pulaski. I was in the sleeper so he didn't know if I was asleep or not, very, very, very rude to do that to somebody that may be trying to get a nap. I've seen him multiple times at Laredo and every time he sees me he's pulling on that air horn so I always do my best to ignore him. It irritates me to no end to have somebody always doing that to me. Anyway, he starts telling me how he thought I had an attitude and was rude and mean. Guess what, I DO have an attitude and I'm damned if I'm going to go out of my way to speak to somebody who's always blowing a horn at me, wanting me to come over to his truck. If he wants to talk that bad he can get off his lazy butt and walk up to me. I'm not going to go stand on the steps of his truck like some lot lizard. Oh, and me telling him that I'm married had absolutely no effect. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Believe it or not prior to this I was in an excellent mood. Had an awesome run this morning at Crump, TN--5.59 miles in 52:19, with some drills (grapevines, skips, high knees, butt kicks) for an additional .42 miles. Felt great and energized--at least until the "come on now, don't be like that" business from the jerk of a co-worker.