23 October 2008

Brrr, it's chilly

Just got back in from a run and boy was it cold! I didn't think I was ever going to warm up. Thoroughly enjoyed the scenery on the bicycle trail though. The leaves are starting to fall, the red berries are making their appearance, squirrels were frolicing--wished I had a camera with me.

Not a whole lot exciting to write about this week, same old song and dance with work. Got out even later than usual Monday but still managed to get in this morning--had 3 weeks of recycling that needed to be put out on the curb. Oh, I did have a near-miss yesterday driving through Austin, some guy driving a Peterbilt daycab pulling a heavy-haul flatbed trailer (empty) decided that he didn't need to use the full on-ramp to merge into traffic. I had a car next to me but would've been able to move over before the dotted line started but the local driver had to be in that lane right then, he started moving over right at the point where the concrete came together. He wasn't even past where the 2 solid lines of our respective lanes met when he decided to share my lane. Kind of hard to explain without pictures but trust me it was a little on the scary side for me.

It's been a while since I updated my running totals on the blog. This month is going to be the highest mileage month ever for me, already at 95.6 miles, YAY!!

10/12 Sunday--13.2 miles with some of the Cabot Cruiser women. I've decided that the best way to get a long run is with a group--the time absolutely flew by.

10/13 Monday--3.16 miles, ran the cow fields at Pulaski for a recovery run.

10/15 Wednesday--6.14 miles, Cotulla, absolutely miserable. It was humid and I'd slept in so got a later start than I should've. Took several walk breaks.

10/17 Friday--2.57 mile run/walk with James followed by a 3.52 mile tempo run.

10/18 Saturday--4.13 mile easy run

10/19 Sunday--7.98 mile long run. Did this one after the disc golf game (where I made par on 4 of the holes!!!).

10/21 Tuesday--5.07 miles in Prescott. Was tired of the frontage road run so did the scenic downtown tour. Looks like they may be starting some renovations but still fairly rundown.

10/23 Thursday--5.31 miles at home. Chilly, my legs hurt, and I had to force myself out the door. I was in a hurry yesterday but I really, really, really wanted to get out for a run. Lesson learned--if your body and mind say run, do it, because if you don't they'll make you pay for it the day after.

I need to get new shoes already. I can't seem to get over 300 miles on a pair before my feet and legs start aching.

Weekend plans include driving to Russellville tomorrow to spend time with my sister, the Downtown Fall Fest 5k and the 30 mile Tour de Pumpkin bicycle ride on Saturday. Unless I get off my lazy butt today and ride, Saturday will be only the 2nd time since the BDB 100 that my bicycle has been out of the shed.

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Terry said...

I was thinking the same thing about the shoes... Not getting as much mileage out of them... Do you suppose (like everything else) they are just being made more cheaply....