01 November 2008

Monthly mileage

I had the highest month ever for running mileage--117.4 miles in October. Woo-hoo!!!!!! Should have been 120+ but didn't get the time to get out the door before the sun went down. I did get 7-8 miles on a mountain bike in so wasn't a total slacker. By the way did I mention that I LOVE my road bike, shew those knobby tires really wear you out quick and it's not near as easy to get going, LOL!

I've posted a few pictures today that I've taken with my phone. I'm very impressed with how well most of them turned out.

Wednesday's run was at Pearsall--it was ok but I was feeling a little blah. Had to force myself out the truck door. 2 nights of staying up until after midnight did me in, can't seem to sleep past 7 a.m no matter how late I've been up.

Thursday, I dawdled around driving home. James was going to have to leave his truck at NLR for service so I decided to just wait for him to catch up with me so I wouldn't have to make a trip back down in our pickup--we just rode home together in my big truck. I did have a very good run at Malvern, they are building a white water recreation area on the north east side of the Ouachita river with trails, picnic areas, and restrooms and I went sight-seeing with Elsie on the first part of my run.

To get to the park area we had to cross under the freeway overpass. Well to Elsie the traffic overhead sounded like the thunder monster. The first time she was ok but on the return trip she took off at a full-out run, I couldn't catch her and she wouldn't stop when I yelled at her to. Usually she's very good at stopping dead in her tracks when she's told to but not yesterday. She finally slowed enough where I could catch her and put her back on the leash but she immediately took off running again once I had it snapped. She drug me all the way back to the truck then hid in her crate. She has some issues when it comes to thunder, lol. I had planned to do some hill repeats but there were construction vehicles on the hill that I'd planned to use so I just found a more moderate incline and combined hill repeats with speed intervals. Ouch! The hike up to Starbucks afterwards seemed endless. My legs were still a little achy today.

Oh, minor gripe about Starbucks yesterday, either the pumpkin scone or the smoothie had artificial sweeteners. I was in pain from a bloated stomach the rest of the day, felt like a space alien was growing in there! Excellent service though.

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