29 November 2008

Holiday driving

Wow, you could tell the gas prices had come down by the traffic this week. Not only was the I35 corridor packed in Texas, people were driving very aggressively. Had one especially close call when somebody north of the Temple-Belton area decided that the car passing me in front of them was going too slow. I thought they were going to rearrange the front end of my truck when they camethisclose to me trying to pass the other car. They ended up getting maybe 5 cars ahead of us the traffic was so heavy so it's not like they gained a whole lot of distance.

What do I like about driving at holiday time? Open fuel islands and empty parking spots. I actually was able to get a parking spot at the Sulphur Springs Pilot after dark.

What do I dislike about it? Bumper to bumper traffic and cars parking in the truck spaces in the rest areas. Come on people, y'all can stop anywhere, why you would want to stop in a ratty rest area is beyond me. It's not like I have much choice in the matter when I'm pulling a 53' foot trailer.

Monday I found out that Rich Logistics is the main company pulling what was part of our loads out of TN. Part of it is going up to Ceva in Mt. Juliet to be reloaded on our trailers but the remainder is being hauled by Rich which is mainly an owner-operator company. They're loading the boxes on them because GM is not having to factor in the cost of a back-haul for the return racks like they do the company I work for.

Nice little recovery run of just over 3 miles at Pulaski before getting loaded. Didn't push it too hard because my legs HURT from the 10k Saturday. Wednesday was a 4+ mile run at Pearsall, was wanting to get in 6 but was having tummy problems and the 2nd time I had to stop for the bathroom I just said to hell with it and called it quits for the day. Thursday was a 5 miler at home, beautiful day, wore shorts and a tee but just couldn't get in the groove for some reason. Later that afternoon I took the road bike out for a 13.88 mile ride, couldn't pass up the gorgeous weather!! I am out of shape on the bike though, it's been a month since I'd rode any distance and just that little bit wore me out (I'm sure having to drive 2.5 hrs home and the 5 mile run didn't have anything to do with why I was tired, LOL!).

Today it was back to being nasty. We have a 40-50 mile ride planned for Saturday morning and it's going to be cold and damp. Not looking forward to it at all. Blech, I'm ready for spring.

Kelownagirl has been doing the 100 pushup challenge and has motivated me to start back with the pushups. I'm currently on week 2, column 2 and tomorrow will be day 3. I was struggling with day 2's sets so day 3 may be a bit much, we'll have to see. It's been frustrating not being able to do as many as I could back in the spring and this is a great easy way to build back up.

The best news of the week--James has run just over 3 miles twice without stopping (Sunday and Tuesday)!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of him!!!!!

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Susan said...

Go James go! And good luck on your long ride this weekend.