10 November 2008

Disc golf Sunday

Had my best game ever yesterday!!!!!! 13 over par, had several holes that were par, most were 1 over and only one that was 2 over. It was awesome to finally feel like I had some control over where the discs went and was getting some distance. Larger group than normal, It was James and me, Jason and his sis, Will (great kid!), Bill, and a couple of Jason's friends. It was cold again, although not as bad as Saturday so we had the course to ourselves. We're hoping to keep this up through winter so we don't get out of practice. My only problem is that it's the same day I'm supposed to do my long run (which I haven't done the past 2 weeks). Need to readjust my schedule somehow.

James and I went out for his run/walk Sunday evening just before the sun went down. I never realized there were so many people that used the section of trail closest to us in the evening. It went great, 10 minute warmup walk, then 25 minutes running, 2.5 minute walk break, then another 11 minute running segment. Total for me was 4.26 miles--James had a longer cooldown walk so you could probably add another .5 mile to his total (I had the garmin). Pretty impressive for a guy he claims he can't run!! I even think he's starting to enjoy it.

I feel weird being home on a Monday morning but we're going to take advantage of it. Supposed to meet Jason at noon so he can guide us on Searcy's mountain bike trail. Evidently the trail is not marked so you don't know which sections are the easy ones. More bruises on my calves--I've got to learn to get away from those pedals when dismounting.

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