10 November 2008

On the run

Whew, I'm going to have to go back to work to get some rest this week. Speaking of work, ended up with an extra day off due to Penske rearranging how some of our loads are being shipped (and the economy slowing). I will probably not know until Friday afternoons whether I will be picking up on Monday or Tuesdays from here on out. They're just going to be shipping racks out on my trailer instead of the usual mix of racks and boxes. The good news is that I should be getting out at the proper time since it was always the boxed product causing the delays. What's funny is that the boxes are now being picked up by Ceva and taken to their Mt. Juliet terminal where they're being reloaded onto our company's trailers! Part of James' load last Tuesday included boxes that I normally haul.

I didn't get to post last Monday that I actually got out of Pulaski before lunchtime which made my week a lot easier--3 or 4 hours can make a huge difference on your driving schedule. I actually got to drive through Austin and San Antonio before the evening rush hours, woo-hoo!!

Wednesday's run was at Pearsall just after dawn, an easy 3.76 miles--although I was having to fight the wind. Wanted more miles but didn't have time to sqeeze it in, I was needing to get back home to take my mother-in-law to a doctor's appt. in Little Rock Thursday.

Ah, Thursday. What a day.......Woke up to it raining so had to get out for a run. I absolutely love running in the rain (as long as it's not too cold!). Did a warmup and headed out to Country Club to do some hill repeats. It was gorgeous with the leaves falling and the light rain, almost made me forget about the huge hill I was trying to run up :-).

After that was rush, rush, rush. Fast shower, drove over 50 miles to Baptist Medical with my m.i.l., drove back to Searcy to drop her off, then back up to Bald Knob to move my truck (there were only 2 parking spots available the night before and I wanted to move it to a safer spot). Back to Searcy for a flu shot, while I was waiting at the clinic to get stuck, Gary called me and said he wanted to go for a bicycle ride at 3:30.

He's test-riding mountain bikes himself and the one that they'd ordered for me was assembled and waiting. I have no clue what our mileage was 'cause neither of us had computers but it did include a ride up Hitler Hill--ouch, 2 hill workouts in 1 day may be a bit much. Gary made it to the top before me, but I jokingly told him it was because my legs were already tired from the 4.75 mile run that morning.

This is my new baby (well mine and the bike shop's, LOL), a 2009 Jamis Durango Femme in Pistachio and Black. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh, disc brakes totally rock, by the way.

After getting tortured by Gary, I rushed home to change and then it was another trip south to N. Little Rock to pick James up at our yard--he's still having some issues with his International. According to the shop there are several of the new ones with the same problem and James is the only one willing to take the time to write it up repeatedly and leave it with them. We ended up having to take it to the International dealer Sat. so hopefully they can find the problem.

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