15 November 2008

What day is it again?

Picking up on Tuesday has completely thrown my inner clock off, lol! Did get loaded on time so that made for an easy week as far as work goes.

Monday's mountain bike ride wasn't as successful as the previous 2 times. Searcy's trail is not marked very well and with all the leaves covering the ground I had a hard time even finding it most of the time. I fell sideways once (added a few bruises and a couple of sore spots on my knee and shin) and slid backwards on a steep part another time so I was getting a leetle frustrated. I don't think the headache I woke up with was helping my balance or my mood either but I did start to enjoy it before the 5 mile loop was done. It is a major workout, I was dripping with sweat before we finished and it was cold out.

Tuesday was misting rain off and on and they had told me that I would get loaded early so I just decided to do a short run on Crescent View with Elsie. It was GREAT!!! Kind of slow because I had her on the leash but it was one of those days where you felt like running forever. We did get mobbed by the miniature dachsund pack (they're multiplying, there's now 3 of them) and I watched a coyote lope across some of the fields that had been cleared. Very cool (the coyote, not the wannabe dogs).

Wednesday sucked......There's road construction blocking where I usually run at Sulphur Springs so I did the Mt. Vernon rest area loop. I don't know what it is about that location but I rarely have a good run there and Wed. was no exception. Weather was ok, a little humid but the temp wasn't bad. Was going to run intervals but ended up doing fartleks instead because I couldn't seem to get a rhythm going. Miserable, couldn't breath, stupid side stitch, absolutely couldn't wait to quit, yuck.........Drove on to S.S. for a shower and had to wait for over an hour, grrrrrrr.

Thursday was.............okay. It wasn't a bad run overall but I did have a hard time for part of it. Ended up taking 3 short walk breaks and at one point I was having to run into the wind and it was killing me. Started getting the stitch again on my right side and was having to do the real slow breath in through the nose, out through the mouth routine and telling myself to HTFU. Haven't been sleeping well (mother-in-law was having some health issues this week) so that was a contributing factor to my issues Wed. and Thurs. If I'm tired I tend to tense up my shoulders and I don't/can't breath very well. Ran 5.62 by myself, then 1.43 with Elsie (who has now destroyed THREE cell phone power supply cords--anybody want a miniature schnauzer?).

I was tired last night so decided to sleep at Gurdon instead of driving on home. Good thing, even at 10 a.m. the fuel stop I park at was packed. Lots of people laid over and waiting on loads. I was listening to a J.B. Hunt o/o and a Maverick driver talking while I was loading my stuff into the pickup about how long they'd been sitting.

Today's run kind of made up for the previous 2. Got to run in the rain (I love running in the rain!) but I got a late start so had to cut it short (don't like running in the dark!) at 3.2 miles. Tried to take Elsie out with me, she was ok until a car would pass us and then she'd freak out because with it raining she thought they were thunder monsters.

Tomorrow's early morning bicycle ride is cancelled because of the colder temps so we're going to meet for breakfast instead. I'll try to get a ride in later in the day but it's only supposed to get up to 47 F and is going to be windy so don't know how successful I'll be. Hmm, now that James and I know kind of where the Searcy trail is we might try that without a guide (and maybe James will slow down for me!).

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