29 November 2008

December race?

Ok, I just need one more race for December to complete my yearly goal of running at least one race a month for 2008. Ok, ok, I did miss June but I had a good excuse, really! Doctors get kind of cranky when you try to run with a broken clavicle. I would love to do the "Dashing through the Light 5k" in Conway but it's on a Tuesday night and I think my dispatcher wouldn't like it if I told him I couldn't make my delivery in Laredo because of a race. I just love the idea of a night race! Yes, I know I've said that I don't like running at night but that's because I'm usually running solo. It's different if you're surrounded by other semi-crazy people running too. Hmmm, if anybody finds a race in central Arknasas that isn't on Arkansas Runner please let me know, thanks!!


Susan said...

I have done 2 night races now and there is definitely something special about them!

Arland said...

Hey Gabby, the Jingle Bell Run is this coming Saturday at the Rivermarket. It is a 5k and I know Annette has ran it before. We will be in Memphis so not this year. I'm thinking that's the last race around here till January.