30 November 2008

2 wheel insanity

Actually once we got moving this morning it wasn't too bad but at 8:30 a.m. I was seriously wondering what possessed me to agree to a 40-50 mile bicycle ride in late November. Cold, damp, dreary 47 F temp this morning when we headed out, I was glad that James decided he would be the sag wagon 'cause I was really, really thinking I wouldn't last too long, LOL. We had 9 people altogether and thankfully nobody was interested in going 20+mph right at the start. There was some confusion in the beginning (and middle!) about the route so we ended up going to Lonoke instead of Carlisle like originally planned.

We stopped at Perry's restaurant approx. 25 miles in for a breakfast break. I've ate there before, food is decent but our service was very slow yesterday. Too long of a break to suit me, had to get warmed up all over again for the final 12-15 miles. The sun did come out while we were eating, very happy to see that. There was a fair size hill just before getting back to our starting point and I think the guys leading were very surprised to see that I was right off their wheels. Shoot, I train with Gary R., he kills me with hilly routes :-), that was just a speed bump compared to what he comes up with.

Got to meet a couple of other women cyclists, one I'd spoke to at the Tour de Pumpkin in Russellville. I knew she looked familiar but we were on Hwy 70, 1/2 between Kerr Rd. and Lonoke before it dawned on me where I'd seen her at. James' services as the sag wagon guy came in handy at Perry's restaurant, one of the guys' seat post had broke. No way to fix it there so James drove him back to Cabot.

Told Gary at one point that after Christmas I was going to buy a trainer and wasn't coming back out on the road until at least March, lol! Running in the cold is tolerable but the bicycle is a whole another deck of cards, brrr.

Altogether I did 44.67 miles in 2:53:15. Not fast but other than the short ride on turkey day, I haven't been on the road bike since the end of October.

James and I tried to go out for a run yesterday evening but he started having severe heartburn about 15 minutes in. We walked back to the house then I tried for a couple of miles more but had cut it short at 1.7 miles because of my own digestive issues. Guess Burger King wasn't a good idea for lunch!

Hmmm, kind of a boring post, sorry everybody. Maybe more entertaining next time but it also maybe next spring before I'm 1/2 way chipper again. I'll try not to depress y'all too much this winter.


Arland said...

Good for you on getting a bike ride in! I wanted to do that ride but when I saw the temps and the weather I thought no way. Guess I'm a warm weather biker. I'd rather ride when its 100 degrees than ride in the cold. I have a trainer but still have yet to get the bike on it. I sure need to though.

gabsatrucker said...

Arland, if I hadn't already promised Gary R. that I'd be there, I would have skipped it too. Like you I prefer riding in the summer but if I can ever get out the door I'm usually ok.