02 November 2008


First off have to give a shout out to Curtis D. from the Cabot Cruisers. He had a p.r. at the Wynne marathon yesterday and just has one more race in the Arkansas RRCA Grand Prix to run (he has run every single race in the G.P. this year). He's also a truck driver but not over the road now. Let's hear it for the running (and cycling!) truck drivers!!

Did I mention that I'm sore today? Whew, mountain biking is a full body workout. I also forgot to list the mileage from yesterday. We did 11.67 miles in 1:49:47, just over a 6 mph average. Doesn't sound like much but I think that's pretty darn good. I managed to hobble out the door this morning for a 4.15 mile solo run. Stopped back at home for a bathroom break and took back off with James for his run/walk. We ended up with 3.93 miles in 50:17 (10 minute warmup walk, followed by two 10 minute run intervals separated by 3 minute walk breaks, then 5 minute run, walked the remainder of the time for a cooldown).


Terry said...

I am surprised your body hasn't revolted!! I seem to be having more issues.... Like the sore joints. Just after you mentioned needing new shoes, my knees starting to hurt. Dreadfully!! At one point last week, I even had to stop, and almost started to cry because I wanted to run, run, run... but my legs would not cooperate. I felt like I was flatfooted and just clumping clump clump clump....I don't even have 300 miles on these shoes, so I was hoping it might have been from wearing the workboots, and my feet just didn't readjust!

I know, more excuses!

gabsatrucker said...

Terry, those are the signs you need new shoes. That's what happens to me every time I'm needing to replace mine. Had a pair of Mizunos that I had to retire with barely 100 miles on them--they just didn't hold up for me.