17 October 2011

Churchill, the end and beginning

Talking about history, this little village of Bladon was among one of several that I saw on my first day in England.  It's just a little famous for being the burial place of Sir Winston Churchill.  Most definitely one of the "ahhhhh" catch your breath and pause moments.

Approaching St.Martin's Church

Really frustrated that I didn't get this pic straight

Darn wheelie bins 

Later in my trip there was a stop to take pics of Blenheim Palace near Woodstock from outside the gates (at the end of another long day so didn't tour the site--it's on my list for next time) which is of course the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill

Blenheim Palace from afar

zoomed in but blurry

Wish I'd researched races better before my trip, would've liked to have done this one

zooming past the gates

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