22 October 2011

How many bloody colleges are there????

Oxford.  Entirely too much to see and I took way too many photos that have been taken by way too many other people over the decades so just quick impressions here.

Lots of colleges/universities (d'uh!!!), 38 was the number I was given.

Views of most of the universities from the street

Spires are everywhere, large and small, but mostly large

Lots of imposing architecture

Tired and hungry so I didn't exactly stand up straight and suck in the tummy (grrrr)

Bicycles are the preferred mode of transport (love!)

Random shots around Oxford that I loved

This is not a particularly good shot but I was intrigued by the shadow and light

Sorry that this post was extraordinarily photo heavy (oops, bandwidth) but I really didn't want to split it into two separate posts.  However if anyone feels different just leave me a comment and I'll see about separating it out more.

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