22 October 2011

riding the grumble wagon

I've had a couple of cruddy weeks at work.......it actually feels like WORK, now.  Yes, trucking has always been frustrating but it's always had its redeeming features, like not having a boss directly looking over your shoulder, enough challenges and changes of scenery to keep things lively for the most part--yes even on a dedicated route--and the ability to take an odd week or 2 off here and there without worrying about conflicting with anyone else's vacation.

All of that has changed this year, there's been more than enough written about the Lola trials and tribulations with repairs and breakdowns.  Gone through a couple of "new" dispatchers who keep futzing the dedicated routes up, had the truck turned down to a speed that is not even up to what the speed limits are in the states I drive through, EOBR's (electronic on board recording system) have been installed AND a pay cut of .09 cents per mile (down from .43 cpm to .34cpm).  So, yeah I am not a happy go lucky trucker at the moment. I'm so disgruntled at the moment with my job that I haven't even re-installed my cb radio from when I had to clean everything out of my truck for vacation.

While I'm on the grumble wagon, had a couple of interesting things occur at the Mt. Juliet customer this week.  First off there was an owner/operator from a different company that stopped and asked me to help him slide his tandems while I was hooking up to my new trailer. No problem, there are always trailers where that is a two person job no matter how big, strong, or experienced a driver you are so I was happy to help.  What I found odd was that there were 2 other of my fellow company drivers right across from me that were guys......not grumbling there, just found it odd he'd ask the only girl about to do the heavy work, lol.  My guess is that he asked me because I'd been standing there chatting with one of the customer's drivers about what I was doing at that particular place instead of my usual and he (correctly, btw) deduced that out of the 3, I was the one who'd been driving the longest--not that it is a particularly long time (11.5 years).  The grumble comes in with him not double-checking to make sure the pins had locked down after I gave him the thumbs up........I ALWAYS do that!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I've offended a few people but it is my arse if they haven't locked down and the duals slide out from under the trailer, granted that's a long shot but it has been known to happen.

The other tidbit was one of those other company drivers asking if I wanted to run down to Laredo with him.  First off, I don't like doing that because you always feel bad about making someone stop when you want to or worse yet, having to stop when they do.  Second, I don't know this guy so not sure what kind of person he is.  Don't care that we have the same employer, doesn't mean he's a good person--of course I'm not saying he's a bad guy either but I just don't know for sure.  Third, remember the no cb from earlier? Well, how are we supposed to communicate, especially since he doesn't have one either?  Yep, you got it.......he wanted my phone number and was very persistent about it.  3 times he asked, almost insisting towards the end.  Not happening and I wouldn't even accept his number when he offered after I refused to give mine the second time.  Call me a bitch or paranoid if you must but that's my personal phone and I am not sharing the number with someone unless it's absolutely necessary.

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