22 October 2011

Readjusting plans

So I'm sure you've read my bitchfest in the previous post........let's throw in that my favorite stress reliever and just all around fun thing to do is out of the mix right now.  I managed to do something to my left foot on Tuesday (no idea what, grrrr) that started out with just a niggling irritation then escalated to a pain so bad on Thursday that I was near tears.  The area affected is on the sole of my foot, just below the pinkie toe area and extends down about 2 inches and my foot is slightly swollen. Walking right now is a struggle so running is definitely out of the question.  I'm taking the weekend easy, staying off my feet as much as possible, icing and ibuprofen'ing the hell out of it.  If it's still this way Monday, I'm headed to the doctor but as of right now it looks like the Marine Corps Marathon next weekend is out.......Flight and hotel are already booked and while I can cancel the latter, the flight is non-refundable so I may be going to DC to cheer rather than run.  Think positive thoughts please!!

So with all that, leaving you with a vid of my latest music love--Middle Class Rut with a slightly lower key version of "Busy Being Born"

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