22 October 2011

Gargoyles and Grotesques

I tend to have a fascination with gargoyles and grotesques, not quite sure why but there is just something that is so bizarrely comforting about looking up at a building and spotting one (or many) of these sometimes whimsical but often tortured looking creatures looking back at you--and yes to me, they always seems to be making eye contact with whoever happens to glance up at them.  The amount of skill to infuse these with that much "life" is truly awe-inspiring to me. Historically they serve a purpose as water spouts to protect the architecture but are also said to protect the inhabitants from evil spirits.  Anyway, here are a few that I managed to take pics of (wish I'd looked for more).

These first 5 photos are from Windsor Castle

 My favorite :-)

I swear I think I could've taken pics of the Windsor Castle gargoyles and grotesques all day but alas, there was more to see that day.

Oxford gargoyles 

More from Oxford


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