18 October 2011

Old but not rusty

Other than the castles, the Union Jack, and red telephone boxes (note, this is excluding all the London landmarks), Stonehenge is probably what most tourists put on their list of iconic UK images and places to visit so of course I had to go.......bit of a letdown actually, overcrowded and you couldn't exactly get close not without a park warden getting all cranky about it.

*I fought the law*

This lady however, blatantly flaunted the rules, stepped over the cable, and got up close and personal with the stones all the while wearing a grin that said "I traveled here, paid my money, and by gosh I'm gonna get my picture taken next to Stonehenge". I'm kinda impressed with her ballsiness.

Me, I obeyed the rules and followed the crowds.  Since there were a couple of other sites to see that day I bypassed the audio tour headphones (ickiness factor might have contributed to that) and did a quick walkaround snapping pics.

Follow the leader, lemming style

Shoulda saved my money and took pics from out there

While I am glad I  took the time to visit Stonehenge, I was slightly disappointed and I really can't put my finger on why except that it was so *touristy*.  Perhaps if I would've done the audio tour bit I might've felt a little less letdown?  A stop later in the day to the Avebury henges more than made up for my ennui about Stonehenge but that's gonna be a separate post due to me being on my wireless card in a slow-arsed edge network while writing this.  I have a ton of photos from there and want to post most of them and this connection is soooo not conducive to that.

See, I really was there!


Fenny said...

It's probably more than 12 years since I last went to Stonehenge. At least then you could actually get to touch the stones, but it was pricey to get in.

I remember going as a kid and climbing all over the place. No fences at all then.

gabsatrucker said...

I probably would have enjoyed Stonehenge more if that was possible still :-)