23 October 2011

Frolicking in the ruins

I decided to skip touring the behind the gates of most of the best known castles on this trip but wanted to go explore one because, well, you just HAVE to if you visit the UK.  Using ye olde trusty google search, I quickly narrowed my choices down to two that were a short distance from where I stayed most of the time......Warwick Castle got knocked out of the running thanks to its way too kitschy website and that left me with Kenilworth Castle.  It's actually a ruin but still breath-taking AND you actually get to explore it almost completely unfettered--perfect!!!

This reproduction garden is very recent and in my opinion took away from the experience 

Loved seeing the kids playing in the castle :-) 

Unfortunately along with the being able to explore without someone breathing down your neck also comes the bad side of human nature

I also had my first cream tea here :-)

In the south, we would call that scone a biscuit, lol

These photos are only a very minuscule fraction of what I took here (over 200) but I didn't want to overwhelm everybody's bandwidth and attention span more than I already have but I do hope they are providing some entertainment.

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