30 January 2012

Elsie's fear and what did I get myself into this time

Elsie waiting not so patiently to head out for a run, for the moment at least.

Sunday is our usual recovery, let the dogs run off leash, run.  We talk, the dogs play and get rid of some of their excess energy and just all around have fun.  Well, usually we do.  Despite the presence of other people and dogs, Elsie still freaked out about the distant gunshots.  First 1/2 mile she would start, then stop, then when we got too far ahead she'd run to catch up........right up until the 3rd or 4th time.  Then she just sat there until I had to turn around and go back for her. All well and good but once I started back she took off back towards where we parked and wouldn't stop when commanded.  Not a good thing.  When I caught back up to her at the vehicles, I leashed her up and took her back out.  Yes, there was reluctance and I had to pull her along at times but I need her to be trained to listen to me despite the fear.  I'm hoping that it will be like it was with the rain and by being surrounded by other people and dogs, she'll learn that it's ok.  Until I started taking her out in those conditions with the group, she wouldn't even go outside to pee if it even hinted that there was going to be precipitation present.  Now so long as it isn't a thunderstorm she has pretty much become tolerant of it.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how to deal with this.

Very pretty but cold morning

Other news, I learned at a very late age not to bring something up at a meeting unless you want to be in charge of it, lol.  Our running club had a meeting to discuss the upcoming Spring Fling 5k and after that was over during the general discussion I mentioned that we should really think about forming teams for the upcoming Hogeye Marathon so our club could garner team points for the state RRCA grand prix.  Gonna be a hard sell on this one due to some of the rules, the distance of Fayetteville and the fact that no individual points are at stake but I will do my best.

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