21 January 2012

something new

I'm not sure how well the shopping/heel/boot posts go over so experimenting with Pinterest for those sort of things.  It's quite interesting and I'm having a bit of fun experimenting with it.  So far my page is kind of sparse but I'm sure that will change once I get the hang of things.  I really do love exploring other people's pins and boards.

But while I am on the subject of shopping, I thought I would share a few of my favorite places to "window" shop and occasionally buy from :-).  In the interest of  full disclosure, yes, I will get signup points or credits if you do sign up for them but there's absolutely no obligation to do so.

Ruelala  I do end up buying quite a bit from here, the $9.95 shipping can be a bit off-putting but they have a policy where if you buy something once, your shipping is free for the next 30 days on any other orders. Cool!

MYHABIT I will have to send an email invite since they don't have a dedicated url for the members, so just let me know if you want one. Love how it's laid out and there's free shipping on everything in the US, yay.

Haute Look  I've been a member here almost since they started, excellent customer service and you can score some major bargains.  I got my DV Dolce Vita Julian boots here last winter for under $100

Gilt More of a high-end, window-shopping site for me. Gorgeously laid out and I've certainly found some lust-worthy objects to ogle.

Ideeli haven't purchased from here yet but there has been times I would have if my size hadn't sold out so quickly

Century 21 now if only they would get some department stores closer to my area

Beyond the Rack I've only ordered 2 items from here and had to return one (didn't fit) but easy to deal with and again some great deals to be found

Groupon  You've gotta do groupon! They offer 1/2 price gift certificates to Old Navy quite often as well as all the awesome local deals.

livingsocial  same as above, right now they're offering 1/2 off novica gc. Great local stuff too

Sole Society  Bit different than the other sites in that if you do sign up, you need to review your selections before the 5th of the month and decline them otherwise you will get charged.  It's very fun though--fill out the survey to see what they think your style will be.  I like that occasionally you can get some real leather shoes (as opposed to faux) and it's reasonably priced

How I help pay for my online shopping

Ebates  I have been a member of ebates since 2005 and quite simply, they rock. Easy-peasy to use and they will have discount codes listed quite often to go along with their rebates.  They now offer a paypal option instead of the paper check.

Mypoints  ugh. looks like I have to send a direct email invite for this one too.  Legit program that I've been using since 1999, I've redeemed points for Gap, home depot, wal-mart gift cards and right now they're offering amazon gift certificates.

Hopefully I haven't ran too many readers off with this post, lol.

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