14 January 2012

What a year it's been

Something I need to do more of

Normally I would do a recap of the previous year's workout mileage but really it's a bit late for that considering January is almost half-way over with.  And my numbers?  Let's just say that they've been less than inspiring or impressive.  Did manage to get a couple things from my bucket list done (Marine Corps Marathon! Travel off the continent!).  2011 has been a year of transitions, some interesting, some a little heart-breaking, and a lot of self-exploration in coming to terms with ME.  I have now officially lived by myself for over a year, well almost by myself, there is the furball love of my life named Elsie :-).  

Don't think the hedgehog is enjoying being mauled

There are quite a few things I want to blog about later on but they all deserve their own posts and I want to do them justice but right now I'm just not in much of a writing mood.  However, I've had quite a few people note my silence, not just here on the blog but also on twitter and facebook and I have been struggling a bit with whether or not to mention this but it doesn't seem right to not say anything at all about it.  My mother passed away on January 2nd.  My sis and I had been estranged from her for a number of years, so much so that we weren't even mentioned in the obituary. While my mourning for her was actually done and over with quite a while back, it does feel weird to know that we no longer have parents with us here no matter what the circumstances were regarding our relationships.  

On a somewhat related note (sorry, didn't intend for this to be a downer of a post), please, if you smoke, quit already and take better care of yourself. I don't really like to lecture (much) but considering that I've lost both my parents who were in their mid 60's in less than a year's time (both heavy smokers and sedentary) I kinda think I have somewhat of a right to do so.  And with that I wish everyone peace, love, joy for 2012 :-).  Get out and live your life!


Frenchie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Even someone who you weren't as close as you may have thought you'd be is still a loss. Thank you for sharing. And because you asked so nicely, I'm going to try my hardest to make this time quitting stick! Keep me accountable!

Hope to see you around teh Internets and teh Twitters more. ;-)

gabsatrucker said...

Tara, thanks so much for this comment. As I said, it's been very weird and I just kind of went numb for a bit.

Yes!!!!!!! I'd been meaning to go to your blog and "encourage" you to quit, lol.


doomytunes said...

I lost my Dad to lung cancer. I have a friend quitting smoking and I encourage as well.

gabsatrucker said...

It's tough losing parents so early in their lives, I wish your friend much luck & success in quitting :-)

Shadow said...

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Quitting smoking was the hardest thing for me.

gabsatrucker said...

thanks :-), fortunately I never took up the habit but I do have some understanding of how tough it is. Congrats because that's something to be proud of accomplishing.