24 January 2012

A taste of spring in January

You know how people always say about the weather where they live "Wait 5 minutes and it will change"?  Well, I can't quite say that's what it's like all the time in the midsouth of the US but we do have some fairly wicked extremes sometimes.  For example, on Sunday it was supposed to be a high of 60F but we ended up running in chilly, foggy, misty conditions and on my way home from the race I was caught in some nasty weather involving sheeting rain and 60 plus mph winds (there were tornadoes spotted from this system later on in the night).  This morning was 28F but the forecast was for bright, sunny skies and 61F.  I'm glad to say the forecast proved right and I decided to load up Elsie and head to North Little Rock to run some trails with her to enjoy it.

My pickup is parked way down there! 

Unfortunately I am still having some aftereffects from the Pepto Bismol I took Sunday for the upset stomach prior to the race so we ended up cutting it short (very sad face) but the mutt and I did get to enjoy the gorgeous day outdoors at least a little bit.  Elsie's currently curled up on the couch napping and I think I'm going to join her just as soon as I hit publish on this post.

Big Dam Bridge in the distance

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