23 January 2012

What's this? A race you say?

Oh yes, the first race of the state RRCA Grand Prix was this afternoon.  Despite having signed up for it last week I almost didn't go because of a headache that sidelined what was supposed to have been a 13-miler yesterday and a slight bit of intestinal distress I think was a side effect of said dastardly headache. Ugh......yes, TMI, I know but this blog does chronicle a lot of my running--good, bad, mediocre, and gross.

Soooooooooo, this race is the One Hour Track Run and while running around a 440 meter track for an hour trying to get as many laps down as you can sounds like something akin to waterboarding, it's actually quite fun.  Well, it usually is. Today was just an ohmygosh make that clock countdown quicker-kinda race for me.  Usual blather about starting too fast and not pacing myself, yadda, yadda, yadda.  So, I went not so fast after the first 3 laps, and continually turned left and tried my utmost not to pass out on the track because it causes such a brouhaha.

However, getting to cheer on friends as you're running in such close proximity and being cheered on by those smart enough to not race every 2-2.5 minutes very much rocks.  Also getting to hear a couple of 8-9 year old girls discuss their race strategy and how they felt while we were running:  PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!  One tidbit of the convo "Ok, I will try not to push you too hard then", freaking adorable.  It's still making me smile.

While my race time wasn't quite up to par (understatement, lol), I did have so much fun chatting with friends and getting to see how great they were doing and looking that I am glad I made the trip to run.  Even better was getting to see my sis and brother-in-law afterwards and introducing them to a handful of those friends.

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