17 January 2012

'tis Tuesday

Apparently, I'm going from zero blog posts to flooding everyone with them.

Today's plan was to kick off the day with meeting friends at 5am to run but seeing as insomnia raised its ugly head past couple of nights and I was still awake at 3am that plan got scuppered.  Instead I loaded up Elsie and drove out to a nearby wildlife management area to get a short easy run in just after sunrise.  Problem was Elsie remembered all the gunshots from Sunday and was still freaked out, she wouldn't even run off leash.  As long as I kept the leash on her she did ok but if I took her off she would just sit down and refuse to move.  Go figure, leash as security blanket, who would have thought that?  Since it was warmer than usual (64F with 91% humidity) our run/walk was even slower than usual......at least up until there were gunshots again when we were 2.7 miles in then Elsie tried to take off at a full-out run towards the pickup--when she did this Sunday off leash, I was sprinting after her and hit a 5.48 pace and still couldn't catch up.  I ended up using the distance back as an obedience training session with trying to get her to heel, stopping every few feet and making her sit until I released her verbally that it was ok to move.  This is something I definitely need to work with her more on because while 80% of the time she obeys commands, that other 20% she's effectively deaf to everything but what she wants.

Currently listening to the "Old Tyme Religion" album from Hugo.  If you haven't heard his version of "99 Problems" do so, asap.  My favorite song is "Bread and Butter" though.


Shadow said...

99 problems by Hugo so much better than the Jay-Z version totally loving it!

gabsatrucker said...

I agree!! Have you seen any of the vids where Hugo discusses his background? interesting guy.

TruckingJobs said...

Thanks so much for a great blog.. We welcome you to come join us in our trucker community! Keep up the good work!