26 January 2012


I mentioned day before yesterday that we were in for some rainy days and oh has that forecast come through, ugh.  It's been a gloomy, doomy mid-week and everything is saturated so both Elsie and I are kinda grumpy.  With that being said, I've still managed to get outside in it a bit.  Yesterday morning I drug the mutt out around the neighborhood loop for an extended first thing in the morning walk--from my door and back it's just over a mile then came back and spent some time on the trainer.  Finally felt like I had built enough of a base that I did some intervals after a 20 minute warm-up spin: 1 minute at 20-21mph then 1 minute recovery spin for 10 minutes.  Followed that up with a cooldown spin of almost 4 minutes, last minute was full out whatever I could get my legs to do.  Yes, there was major sweatage occurring even with the ceiling fan blowing on high speed.

Last week I finally made a trip to Wal-Mart to buy a mini-trampoline based on Andrea's advice from a few weeks ago.  Oh. My.  First off, it's kinda fun just bouncing about playing on it, 2nd, it's HARD!  Just a couple of minutes on it and I'm breathing hard, although that's probably a combination of being out of shape and laughing so hard.  I try to make it a habit of jumping on it a couple of times a day whenever I pass by it--yes, it's another piece of workout equipment in the living room, lol.  Hey, this way I know I'm gonna use it at least occasionally and while my veggies were heating up last night I took the time and did 2 minutes of jumping jacks on it.  My calves were feeling it by the end!!!!

Today was Elsie's day to get groomed and again trying to use my time constructively (not quite a resolution but close) by combining errands with workouts, I leashed her up and we ran to the vet's since it's so close and it was only foggy & misty.  That 2 miles didn't even come near to tiring her out though, she was still bouncing about when we walked (ran!) in the door.  However when it came time for her to be led into the back, she was giving me the most pitiful, why are you abandoning me look.........yes, I feel guilty, going to be even more so when I pick her up because I'm having her legs and underbelly shaved this time to hopefully minimize our grass allergies.

Oh back to the run.......after I dropped her off I ran back to my place to throw my gloves and her leash on my doorstep and see if I could manage to get 5 miles in altogether.  While running through the parking lot one of my neighbors hollered out "You're gonna catch the flu running in the rain like that!".  Yeah by this time the conditions had changed from mist to a light rain but what blew my mind is someone actually believing that you can catch a virus from exercising in the cold/rain, lol.  As a twitter friend commented, it's those nasty sky germs that get you every time, hahaha!  And that run where I was risking my health? Ended up with 6.25 miles altogether :-).  Gonna take a cardio rest day tomorrow, hopefully Brenda & company have a trail run planned for Saturday. Either way I need to give the legs a break.

While I'm on about exercise related stuff, this technical shirt I ordered from another twitter friend's CafePress  store (Bailey's By Design) arrived in today's post.  Cute, eh?  Really loving it although I think they may run a bit small, I ordered a medium and it fits more like a Nike small in my opinion.

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