29 January 2015

Catching up

The blog has been silent for the latter half of January other than yesterday's attempt at putting up an earworm video (for some reason youtube and blogger are still not playing nice with the embed codes).  It's not that I've not had things to say but I've been so busy having to stare at the computer screen for other purposes that updating here fell by the wayside.  So what has been happening in my world?

We had a trip down to London--not for pleasure though, it was for a project that my partner is working on. I did finally get to walk across the Tower Bridge once we finished up with what we could do work-wise, can't believe all the times I have been there and not done that until now! It's finally sinking in that I live here and so was feeling much less like a tourist--having my very own oyster card contributed to that in a somewhat weird way.  We did get the opportunity to help a lady out with pictures on the bridge after her phone's battery died--I know I would have been devastated if I was visiting a place and wasn't able to get a picture of it for posterity.

Training is going well, my 3rd 20 miler for the Belvoir Challenge was last Sunday and thanks to trying to keep up with a speedy running club mate I ended up doing it 6 minutes faster than my previous two! Yes, I know, much too quick for a long slow run but I'm a believer in running by feel (within reason) because you never know how you will fare on the next one. This weekend I will do a shorter distance of 10-13 miles then do another 20 miler the week after before beginning the taper process.  

The training has been slightly unconventional in that I'm doing so many 20 mile runs but it seems to be working.  Other than a pesky ingrown toenail and the big toe that randomly decides it's going to start hurting if I run on flat sections for too long I'm relatively niggle free (knock on wood). We're just not going to discuss the emergency stop I had to make at the local sports centre on Sunday! 

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