29 January 2015

Junk Miles

Junk miles is an odd term, everyone seems to have their own interpretation of it but I always have thought of them as miles that aren't serving a specific purpose in your training.  Of course with that it means most of mine are junk miles but I'm ok with that.  Today was a good example of it, when it started snowing with great big giant fluffy snowflakes I was just itching to get out and go for a run in it despite having a track session* planned for tonight.  Sod's law though, by the time I got changed and ready to go the snow stopped falling! Did that stop me? Silly question! I did decide to stop and take a few pics since I wasn't supposed to be running.

Yes, the fields are that green and the sky was that blue

Hello swans, sorry no bread for you

Making tracks

*Just as well I went for a run, while writing this I got the message the track was closed tonight due to being snow covered, health and safety and all that.  

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