05 January 2015

Jam on it Janathon!

After much hemming and hawing* I finally signed up for Janathon again this year. There probably will not be any more blog posts than usual but it is a great way to interact with other runners to keep the motivation going through the cold, dreary days of January.  I've kind of let the cross training slide a bit so maybe seeing everyone post will get me back on track with that as well.

Apologies for the earworm but for some reason Janathon reminded me of this 80s classic from Newcleus

On the subject of running, yesterday I under-dressed for the temperature and never warmed up despite running 5 miles at an 8:23 pace per mile...Today I over-dressed thinking it was going to be close to the same conditions and was pulling off the buff and gloves plus pushing up the sleeves 2 miles in.  The flip side of today despite the wardrobe miscalculation was that I planned on 30 minutes but felt so good I ran for 70 minutes instead.  Hopefully it will be this mild for tomorrow's Nordic Walking class!

Doesn't matter the distance or time I always come back muddy

*Is that phrase used in the UK? I've not heard it here but then again it is not that widely used in the states much anymore

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