14 January 2015

On the 'hop

I love Timehop, it is always such fun to see what you've posted about on social media in the past--the good, bad, and the mediocre.  Today the Nordic Walking tweet was the first thing on my timehop! Yes, it is the first anniversary of when I started learning how to walk with the poles.  Honestly based on the first few sessions I didn't think I was EVER going to get the knack of it! Everyone else in our group seemed to grasp the concept of opposite arm/leg quite quickly but I kept trying to move the pole forward in conjunction with the leg on the same side (called "spotty dogging", NOT to be confused with another sort of outdoor activity!).  After much patience and trying many different methods, Catherine finally got me sorted out! I ended up loving the sport so much that I first became a Nordic Walk leader and took the British Nordic Walking instructor course this past autumn.

Cheeky grin because I'm having fun

Depending on what you want out of it Nordic Walking can be as easy or intense as you want to make it.  There are some days when it's more of a social outing and then there are others when I'm putting the effort in with intervals, strength, or tempo workouts, either way if you are making sure to keep good form it is a full body workout (targets the core, shoulders, triceps, back, and of course the legs).  I'm a little sore from yesterday's session because I added in some intervals trying to chase down the fastest person in our Tuesday class.

Strength and endurance training 

Participating in that first Nordic Walking session one year ago today also helped in other ways, it introduced me to more people which helped whenever the expat loneliness blues hit and I was able to get to know the area where I live much better than I otherwise would have had the opportunity to do so.  I have learned more about the history of several nearby villages than many people know that have lived there all their lives. It certainly impressed my partner when I introduced him to a few rat runs I learned from people I met in the class. 

We even get cheerleaders occasionally!

A slight change of subject but if you haven't already seen the #thisgirlcan ad campaign from Sport England then prepare to be motivated and inspired! Makes me want to get up and move every time I watch it and that's been a fair few times!  Love seeing un-photoshopped and non-surgically enhanced women and girls getting out there and MOVING!  Yes ALL the exclamation marks are necessary!!

Normally I would do the handy little embed thing so you can watch directly on the blog but blogger and youtube are not playing nice for me today. Click the link, you won't be disappointed.

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