30 January 2015

The cure for floppy boots

Tell the truth, how many of you read that as floppy boobs rather than boots? Although there was an issue last week when I discovered one of my jogbras needed to be relegated to non-bounce activities this is actually about how to store your boots* rather than the boobies.

I also think I'm probably late to this little tidbit of information but after struggling with inflatable boot shapers that were far too large and looking at a wine bottle that was about to be relegated to the recycle bag I finally realised that I could use it to keep my boots upright and protected! You can also use rolled up magazines but since I rarely splurge on those any more that wasn't as handy an option.

The boots just flopping around (vintage Clarks from All Dressed Up in Chipping Norton)

The wine bottles--if you haven't tried the Chocolate Ruby chocolate infused wine from M&S you are missing out on on some deliciousness 

et voilà! 

My main problem is that I don't drink enough wine to have enough bottles for all my boots...surely that can't mean I own too many pairs!!!!  I suppose I could go raid the neighbours' bins on the next recycle day but I catch enough eye-rolling with my Americanisms as it is. 

*Obviously I mean footwear rather than the trunk (boot) of a car--related, I managed to say boot rather than trunk in a conversation today.

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