24 April 2008


Laid over in Laredo since Tues. evening, soooo exciting.......We did have an excellent meal at Carino's yesterday, shared the lemon chicken with angelhair pasta. Otherwise, it's just been boring--cleaned my truck, napped, played on the computer, catching up on the local Sunday papers from the previous 2 weeks. Dreading the run I'm going to have to do on the treadmill later today.

Monday was an easy 4.15 mile on the Crescent View route, excellent weather, legs felt great. I started back on the core exercises that morning too. The longer bicycle rides have made it glaringly obvious that I'd been neglecting those workouts the past couple of months. Pushups in particular have to be kept up with, it always amazes me how quickly you can lose the ability to do a pushup in good form if they're not done on a weekly basis.

Tuesday was a pathetic attempt at intervals at the Mt. Vernon, TX rest area loop. Yep, speed work also needs to be done on a more regular schedule. I also need to learn how to program my 201 for the intervals, would make it much easier. Total was 4.01 miles and boy was I watching the display wishing the four miles would hurry up and be over with. Obviously not as enjoyable as Monday's run. 1 mile easy, two and three-quarter 1/4 mile intervals with 1/2 mile recoveries, the rest was just trying to keep moving to finish out the 4 miles.

Wed. was a rest day, did the core workout again and walked around Target for over an hour--I can spend way too much time and money in there. I noticed that they're starting to carry x-smalls in the workout wear now, yay! The workout wear is great but it's definitely vanity-sized, the last few smalls in the shorts/running skirts I've tried on were too big and I'm most assuredly NOT an extra-small.

If I get out of here by tomorrow afternoon, I can make the BDB duathlon on Sunday with enough rest to do ok (notice I didn't say great, the bike portion is going to hurt my time).

Neat thing I saw this week
--Hwy 64 is being widened out east of Waynesboro, TN and they're using draft horses to pull the logs out where they're clearing out trees. It is the coolest thing to drive by and watch the horses. I would love to stop and video this sometime.

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