04 April 2008

Go away rain

Wet, soggy, yucky, gloomy. I am ready for some sunshine..............should get some tomorrow but only a high of 68 F. Laredo was almost a 100 F Tuesday, I was about ready to get a motel room and hang out by the pool

I forgot to post this week's workouts yesterday. Monday was 3.25 miles at Malvern, AR. Didn't do anything except work Tues and Wed (should have ran Wed. morning). Last night was a weight workout followed by 4 miles on the treadmill. Was initially dreading the workout but felt great once I got started. Still not back up to 300 lbs on the leg press machine though--grrr.

Very sleepy right now, we were having severe storms move through last night so didn't get much sleep because of listening for the sirens and then huddling in the bathtub once they started. Need to get out and run 3.5-4 miles this evening sometime.

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