27 April 2008


Okay, after I posted Thursday, dispatch called James and told him that he was getting a Cullman load again and I was to grab an empty to reload at Pulaski on Tues. Great to get going again but it's a pain that James and I will be a day apart this coming week. Found a great place to run Thursday evening at San Marcos. We parked on a dirt lot across from the outlet malls and I headed west then north on 2439. Nice wide shoulders and enough traffic so you don't feel isolated, earlier in the day there may be too much but at 7:30 pm it was just right. Ended up with 3.34 miles, wanted more but it was getting dark and looking stormy plus it seemed like I might have tummy problems. Didn't want to take any chances with not knowing where the next convenience store was.

Friday ended up being a rest day because we didn't get home before the health club closed. It's aggravating that they close at 7 pm on Fridays. Would have ran outside but it was storming again. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous, went on the Sat. morning bike city fun ride. Left my bicycle there afterwards for them to make sure everything was ok for Sunday morning. Bought a cool pink and silver helmet and drooled over a black and pink Specialized Dolce. I will be test riding that one in the near future :-). Found out from Gary that Petra was planning on us riding the 30 mile portion of the Tour de Rock in June so had to go find out from her all the details.

Toad Suck Days is next weekend. This was my first race ever last year so signed up for the 5k again. I thought about signing up for the 10k this year but decided to go with the 5k again to have an official time showing how far I came in a year. My goal last year was simply to finish without having to stop and walk (I did accomplish that!!) and I ended up with a chip time of 29:33. Hopefully will do much better this year.

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