10 April 2008

Monday thru Wednesday

Just couldn't make myself get up early enough Monday morning to run before picking up at Columbia, so did the Malvern Wal-Mart loop again in the evening. Humid but it's so nice not having to bundle up to run, just a tee and shorts and I'm good to go (well, shoes too, I'm not a barefoot runner.) I did have a weird experience though, a couple of guys in a white pickup kept passing me and then pulling over in an area that I would have to pass. They never said anything but I was getting nervous the second time, and pissed off the third time. Ended up running on a new road that is being put in to access the wal-mart and doing loops on gravel. My shins and back were sore the next two days after that. I had misplaced my pepper spray and had left the phone in the truck, won't be going without one or the other again after this.

Wed. was a Pearsall run again, my load had turned hot so didn't have time to run Tues. and as a result didn't eat or drink properly during the day. Big mistake!! Miserable 3.25 run with two short walk breaks because of a stupid stitch on my right side. Windy, humid, under-hydrated--not a good combination. I'm repeatedly doing this on tues/wed and I have to stop (underfueled and dehydrated). That is not a good habit to be in.

Heavy rains/thunderstorms are moving through what seems like every 15 minutes today so going to the gym later torture myself on the dreadmill.

James has started back on his running. He did a 3 mile walk/run on the treadmill Monday. 15 minutes of it was running with no break. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! He also stopped at Pearsall this morning to run/walk but was discouraged because he only did 2 miles total with 10 minutes of running. He shouldn't be down though because Pearsall is so humid and windy that it's tough to run there. I think he did good even if he doesn't think so.

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