05 May 2008

bicycle crash

After the 5k and having lunch with my family, I had planned to ride my bicycle from Beebe to Searcy to get approx 20 miles in. Yeah, that was my plan. Less than a mile after James dropped me off I wiped out at around 18-20 mph. Scared the woman in a car behind me half to death. I just thought that I'd bruised and bloodied my face so called James to tell him to come get me and continued riding north. started feeling lightheaded so rang him again to tell him I was hurt worse than I initially thought and he needed to hurry. Stubborn me kept riding.

Turned out that I needed stitches on my face and broke my right collarbone. This is not how I planned to use my last week of vacation pay. Nurses and doctor were impressed with my blood pressure though.

We have an extended hours emergency care clinic and was able to use it instead of the er. Another way to get into a room quickly is to bleed all over their leather couches.

WEAR YOUR HELMET!!!!!! It may look dorky but it saved me from a concussion at the very least.


Susan said...

Oh Gabrielle! OUCH! I am so, so sorry. I always wear my helmet -- but doesn't look like it saved your poor shoulder! You poor thing.

Don't know what the future holds for cental AR races. Likely, I won't come back for any. But who knows!

Annette said...

OUCH!!!! Take care of yourself your injuries look very painful!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog :).. Searcy isn't very far from Cabot you should come join us for a run sometime... once you have recovered!!