15 May 2008


Since I have no fixed schedule and no logbook to tell me what the date is, I'm finding myself losing track of my days. The little clock/calendar icon is coming in handy. The sun is finally coming out but we had a wicked thunderstorm about 3 am this morning. I also found out that the couch isn't working for me either, back to the chair to sleep in.

Elsie and I took a 3.06 mile walk this afternoon in 52:48--yep, I remembered my garmin today (you can take the girl out of accounting but it's a little more difficult to remove the obsessive-compulsiveness that led you to it to begin with). Poor Elsie can't catch a break, she wants to be friends with every dog, cat, or person she comes across but the other dogs don't want to be friends. A couple of weeks ago it was a beagle that drug it's owner across the road to growl at her, today it was a couple of yorkies. Actually one of the yorkies was okay but the littlest one had a napoleon complex and started growling, Elsie was even in a submissive position. I am so glad she's not a barker, too many people buy dogs and then tie them up in the backyard because they're too "busy" to pay any attention to them.

20 minutes on the bicycle trainer this afternoon, I'm using the trainer time to work on my cadence so hopefully by the time I get back on the road I will have better form. No spinnerval dvds at netflix but found a "Cycle All Terrain" dvd, it should be here tomorrow.

I am planning to be back to running next month and if at all possible want to continue my one race a month goal. Tentatively planning on the Malvern Brickfest 5k or the Morrilton Pig Out 5k on June 28th. The Brickfest 5k is a Grand Prix race and well-organized, the Pig Out would be closer to home and is close to Russellville so I could visit with my sister afterwards.

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Susan said...

Man oh man! I am reminded that I WON'T be able to do the Brickfest 5K this year (because it'll be 3.5 hours away - ick). And that was MY race! Well shoot...